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Heading to the Beach?

Check Beach Conditions Before You Leave Home 

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Beach Weather Pic PNG.png

Don't Get Caught in a Rip Current!

Rip Currents can be hazardous or even deadly for any swimmer regardless of experience. Download the only app that tracks your local surf zone forecast. Get notified when conditions change.

Beach Weather is:

Your Beach Dashboard

Air and water temperature, wave height and wind information at a glance. Really quick.

For Every Beachgoer

Know if your beach is safe to swim at today. Plan your day safely.

Set Notifications

Be advised when near-shore  swimming conditions change.

 Includes 2-Day Beach Forecast and UV Index

Local weather forecast for your beach​. See how the next couple of days are looking.

Opens to Your Nearest Beach

Or check out other beaches across the U.S.

Free Download. No Ads.



Quick scan before heading to the beach. Look ahead a few days. Be warned when conditions change. Let others know.

Swim Risk



Beach Weather Pic PNG.png
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